After a near decade-long hiatus, our city has once again become the hub for the beloved youth program that once drew crowds monthly. The resurgence of this initiative, aptly named “Resurrection,” marks a significant moment for our community, particularly for our Muslim youth aged 14 and above.

The revival kicked off this past Saturday, February 24, 2024, at Algonquin College in Room C144, from 6 PM to 9 PM. The event wasn’t just a gathering; it was a celebration of empowerment, enlightenment, and community spirit. “Resurrection” aims to tackle the myriad of challenges our youth face today through engaging talks, captivating poetry, and the simple joy of shared refreshments.

The kickoff featured insightful talks by Br. Abdirahman Hussein on “Prison Break” and Br. Abdul Hayy on “Rags to Riches.” These sessions provided not just food for thought but also a roadmap for personal growth and overcoming adversity.

A remarkable turnout of 130 young individuals graced the event, each leaving with more than they came with. The atmosphere was fun, filled with the buzz of conversation, the warmth of shared pizza, and the excitement of a $400 giveaway.

The overwhelming positive reception of the “Resurrection” kickoff event speaks volumes about the need for such programs in our community. It’s not just about the topics discussed or the refreshments shared; it’s about creating a space where our youth feel seen, heard, and inspired.

As we look forward to the upcoming monthly series, it’s clear that “Resurrection” is more than just an event; it’s a movement. A movement towards empowerment, unity, and the relentless pursuit of personal and communal growth. If the kickoff is anything to go by, we are in for an enriching journey ahead.